Bespoke Window Design Hampshire

What can DKR Joinery offer you?

Bespoke Window Design Hampshire. Here at DKR Joinery we can produce a wide range of bespoke joinery products. Offering a bespoke window service, we hope to provide products which are made to measure and personal to you.

We believe windows are one of DKR Joinery’s specialties. From bespoke internal windows and large new built developments to replacing windows to existing houses or an extensions, we can do it all!

We aim to adhere to your vision, whether it is traditional hardwood sliding sash windows or modern high performance windows. We can offer advice on what specification we believe is most suitable for the style/ design of your windows however the final decision is still completely down to you.

Although DKR Joinery provide a bespoke service we also try to fit our clients price ranges. Each window style can be modified to increase or decrease the overall price. An example of this could be timber. Windows in a hardwood timber such as European Oak or Sapele would be more expensive in comparison to windows in a softwood. Another avenue to look at when wanting to keep costs down is ironmongery.

This can be achieved by using different styles of ironmongery. There are two main ways to create a sliding sash window; Weights and cords or spiral balances. Weights are cords are the more traditional way, however spiral balances are becoming more popular as they can be a more cost effective way to make sliding sash windows.

We aim to provide a service which allows you to relax and feel at ease during the service. We have over 75 years worth of joinery experience within our team, which allows us to merge traditional and modern techniques and knowledge to aid you with all joinery aspects.

With our skilled team we are able to offer the full package from the initial site visit to fitting of your joinery products. We are able to remove the existing, disposal of existing and fit the new and improved joinery. previous clients have expressed that this makes the process run smoother as we are there to assist them from start to finish.

If you are interested in finding out about what we can provide – contact us.

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